Mr. Joseph Chea

President, LCA-DFW


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The Liberian Community Association of Dallas Fort Worth (LCA- DFW) was founded over 30 years ago by its first president, David Peters, along with Henry Harmon, James Bass and a handful of other hardworking Liberians primarily to provide a support system for Liberian students studying in the area.

At Liberian Community Association DFW we pride ourselves in the daily contribution to individual and Liberian community wellbeing. We believe that by sharing common values we can increase the opportunity of each Liberian in the community.

The mission of LCA-DFW is to help residents and resettled Liberians gain access to crossed-cultural activities, educational and socioeconomic development awareness programs in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Furthermore, the Liberian Organization intends to promote unity and peaceful coexistence; cultivate an environment for volunteer services and charity.

LCA-DFW is one of many chapters in the Southwestern region that make up the Conference of Liberian Organizations in Southwestern United States (COLOSUS). Other chapters include: LCA-OKC, LCA-Tulsa, LCA-Houston, LCA-Austin, LCA-Denver and LCA-Louisiana and other eligible cities and states.

LCA-DFW initiatives present the Liberian community with opportunities to honor individuals who are making a difference in helping to mold the lives of our youths. In addition to ensuring our newly elected officials are installed, the inauguration ceremony spotlights the different groups and individuals who are critical in building a great community.

Since LCA came into existence over three decades ago, it has helped many newly arrived Liberians get necessary information about jobs, education, medical services, immigration, and other legal services. Also, our large community helps newcomers to transition into the greater DFW metropolitan life, without losing complete touch with Liberian social norm. Membership is opened all to every Liberian in the DFW Metropolitan. Don't just stand on the sideline get engaged in your community....More...


LCA-DFW Leadership embarks on acquisition of Community Center Project


In an effort to acquire a property to be used as its community center, the Leadership of the Liberian Community Association of Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex (LCA-DFW) has embarked upon a series of initiatives aimed at paving the way for the realization of this goal.

LCA-DFW’s president Joseph Chea has constituted a building committee charged with the responsibilities of exploring various options through which the community Center can be acquired. The committee will do feasibility studies on the various options of whether to rent, lease or build etc.



Mr. Steven E. Keller
Vice President, LCA-DFW
Welcome To LCA-DFW Website


Mr. Joseph Chea

Vice President

Stephen E. Keller

Jenny Dakinah

Secretary/Head of Secretariat
Alfreda Davis

Financial Secretary
Dello Davis


Richard Wesseh  


Board Members: 

Nathaniel Akoi Goun - Chairman

Elizabeth R. Tubman - Vice Chair

Michael Gibson- Secretary

Ralph Henri - Member

Kebeh K. Baysah - Member

Aloysius Page - Member

Marie Scott - Member

James Keihn - Member

Minnie T. Tomah - Member

Kokro Roberts - Member

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My Fellow Countrymen and Friends of Liberia,

The LCA Election Commission is extending the deadline for individuals to apply for the LCA Board Membership. Click to continue reading

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