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Fellow Liberians and Friends of Liberia:



Fellow Liberians and Friends of Liberia:



Key pivotal decisions have been made by the Elections Commission regarding the LCA 2015 General Presidential Election, and the details are as follows:


Venues for Debate and Election:


 The election activities will take place at two different sites. The debate will be held 6 pm September 12, at New Life Fellowship Church (3002 W Blvd, Euless, TX 76040).

 The election will be held on September 19, Saturday, from 9am to 5pm

at two different locations simultaneously. All qualified voting members can cast their votes at the site closer to them. Here are the addresses:

o Dallas Location: (Better Life Church at 738 S. Jupiter RD, Garland, TX 75042)

o HEB Location: (New Life Fellowship Church, 3002 W. Euless, TX 76040)

 Every presidential candidate will send two representatives to help supervise the voting process in Dallas and the HEB locations.

 Voting will end precisely at 5pm and the Dallas porters will fill out a short form to register any concerns before leaving the Dallas site.

 The counting of the ballots will commerce at 6pm, after the Dallas team arrival.


More Information About the Debate and Election:




 The duration for the debate will be about one hour thirty minutes in the evening of September 12 (6-7:30).

 First, each presidential candidate will be given 10 minutes for self-introduction and presentation of platform.

 No questions will be allowed regarding the platforms at this time. Some inquiries from the audience will be welcomed, however, during the regular debate. It will be okay to ask questions about the platforms, then.

 Every candidate will have the same amount of time to respond.


Candidates are expected to address issues relating to:


 The Liberian Community (DFW) and platforms

 Local or external Liberian organizations that have some connections or impact on LCA-DFW

 At least one topic of social or political significance to Diasporic Liberians.



 At least one topic of social or political significance about Liberia, which LCA leaders are likely to address from time to time to mixed audiences or individuals, other than Liberians.


General Invitation:

The debate is free of charge, and an individual does not have to be a member of LCA to attend. Also, there will be affordable food from 4 p.m. for a very low price to create a festive atmosphere for everyone that Saturday night.


Voter Registration

The last day for voter registration is September 17. After that date, the voter roster will be submitted to the Election Commission. No one will be allowed to vote who is not a registered member of LCA.


Registration Fee

All voters must be up-to-date with their registration fee from January to August, 2015 (should have paid $40 to be current), or from the date you officially registered to be a member of LCA this year. There is $5.00 registration fee for all new applicants and is non-refundable. In other words, if one registers for the first time in August or September, the fee will be $10.00. The amount includes the monthly fee of $5.00 and the nonrefundable registration fee of $5.00, which adds up to $10.00.


Publication of Vote List

To make it easy for everyone, the list of registered members of LCA will be made public soon. It will show who is registered and up-to-date, and who is registered but not current with dues, and therefore not up-to-date. The amount paid or owed will not be listed, but those that have questions about their payment will be able to call the LCA authority who is in charge of records to address concern. The contact information will be provided at that time.



Dr. John S. David




If you have pdf installed on your computer or mobile device, please click the link below to read the orginal version of this Announcement from the Elections Commission. The above is a copy and paste version.

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